Teachers Write

Kate Messner came up with a great idea to beat the summer writing slump.



It is co-hosted by Kate, Gae Polisner, and Jen Vincent. Jo Knowles does weekly writing prompts on Mondays.

Here is a list of other guest authors.


Writing camp includes two writing prompts a week, feedback from published authors, essays with tips on writing, and there are lots of participating blogs. There’s something to do every day of the week. On Wednesday’s Q and A, I asked a research question and got really helpful feedback from Margo Sorenson.

It’s primarily hosted on Kate Messner’s blog, but there are so many guest blogs that it gets a little confusing to follow all the activity throughout the week. Searching the hashtag #TeachersWrite on Twitter daily will bring you to what’s going on.

You must be an educator or librarian to officially sign up, but you can also be a fly on the wall and do the prompts on your own since the posts are open to the public.

The group is framed for all skill levels, but is especially useful for amateurs and those teaching writing in their classrooms.

For me, the free-writes have been really helpful with getting me unstuck on my work-in-progress. It’s also a way to communicate with authors I admire and get helpful advice.

Things I’ve learned so far: Even the pros suffer through crappy first drafts, everyone has some form of fear about sharing their work, and Margo Sorenson majored in Medieval History. (So cool)

I suggest signing up or lurking and following along. It was a great first week and I’m looking forward to the second one.

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