Book Rec for Traditional Publishing

My friend, fellow YA writer and book blogger Ellie, won a giveaway on Marissa Meyer’s blog recently and shared the bounty with me.

I had heard of the Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market before, but assumed I didn’t want a copy before I was ready to sell. I was so so wrong as it is great inspiration fodder. I read through much of it at the gym that night and poured over the lists. I can already tell it’s an invaluable resource, so I ordered my own hard copy, despite my vow to wait. I have very little discipline.

The book includes inspirational interviews with NYT bestselling authors on their process, ways to keep your submissions organized, and a comprehensive list of literary agents, editors, and magazines that except and repped and unrepped submissions. Great for freelancers.

This is also the Children’s Writers edition, so you don’t have to spend time filtering out the people who don’t accept YA, MG, or PB manuscripts. This information is available online, but it’s so much more convenient to have it already compiled for me as I start doing my research. I also enjoy having hard copies of lists around. Helps me concentrate.

I spent a good deal of yesterday flipping through while being nervous about the hurricane. Below is my Sandy Survival kit complete with book cuddling cat.

See? Sabby loves it too.

Now I’m off to go freak out about my NaNo project and contemplate how late I’m going to need to stay at work for the next few days because of Sandy…

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