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GUTGAA: Tagged!

I was tagged by Adriana Ryan. She’s a fellow writer participating in GUTGAA and her dystopian zombie novel sounds like a great twist on current apocalyptic themes.

Since I was tagged I must submit to answering questions about my current work of fiction, my incubating novel.

What is the working title of your book?

Cursebreaker is my current title.

I like it a lot since it implies that it’s fantasy and you can guess the main idea of the story. I’ll keep submitting with this title, but I may have to change it eventually since the title is very similar to Holly Black’s recent Curseworker Series.

You work on a book for five years, some other author who’s very talented is gonna scoop you… +grumblegnoshgarble+ Continue reading

GUTGAA: Pitch Polish

This week’s “Gearing up to Get an Agent” Blog hop challenge is to visit as many pitches as possible and critique and comment. I appreciate your help and critique and I’ll try to read as many other pitches as possible this week.

Title: Cursebreaker

Author: Lauren M. Barrett

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Word count: 60,000

Query: Are you suffering from unprecedented misfortune? Do you find yourself suddenly spitting up gold coins? Ever spontaneously turn into an animal? Contact a Cursebreaker. Seventeen-year-old Morgan Crowley will kiss your curse away… for a fee. Continue reading

Gearing up to Get an Agent: Meet and Greet

GUTGAA: The Beginning

A day late, as I always am in life, but I’m really excited to be participating in the “Gearing up to Get an Agent” blog hop this September. If you’re not already a part of it, you should join up. There may be agents trolling the linky list, but even if you don’t get an agent’s attention there is always great fun to be had in connecting with other writers.

Deana Barnhart

On to the Meeting and Greeting

A little about me: I grew up in Plymouth, Land of the Pilgrims, and moved back to Boston for school where I’ve lived on and off for the past 8 years. I took a year off from Boston to teach English in Japan for a year, with excursions to South Korea and Singapore. I taught early childhood education for two years and just recently switched into work for an educational publishing company.

I’ve been writing, as most of you have, since I burst forth into being. Yes, before I was even old enough to hold a pen I was writing stories. I’ve only been seriously writing for a fraction of that time, but even now my writing isn’t very serious.

My genre is “funny fantasy” for young adults. The theory is that by entertaining myself, I will also entertain others. Whether it’s working or not, the point is that I enjoy it. Or I do when I’m not trying to rip my hair out staring at the endless list of plot holes I have to shore up before submission.

Where do you write?

I primarily write in cafés, and did an article not too long ago about how to get the most out of your café writing experience. When I do write at home I have a desk, but it’s covered in books and papers so there’s not a lot of room for a computer. Continue reading