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“When hundreds of women descended on Nagpur district court armed with knives, stones and chili powder, within minutes the man who raped them lay dead.”

‘Arrest us all’: the 200 women who killed a rapist

I don’t believe in the death penalty in most cases, or that people should take the law into their own hands. Not because I think despicable people deserve to live, but that I realize our justice system is flawed. To err is human, and we discover innocence on death row far too often to confidently mete out mortal justice.

But then, I read their story.

Imagine: You’re a young woman in India, growing up poor in Kasturba Nagar, a slum in the city of Nagpur.

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Art and Illustrations

I know so many talented professional illustrators in this business. I love experimenting with mixed media, but comparatively, I am obviously a novice.

Someday I’d love to take more life drawing and illustration courses, but I probably won’t pursue art in my career, at least at a time when I’m concentrating so deeply on my writing.

What I do love getting out of my art is being able to show it to my friends and family, and gift them with some. So, I’ve created a gallery on this site to display work that I do when I’m supposed to be writing.

My Gallery

My first graduate school writing submission is due in three weeks, so expect many updates and a peak in blogging productivity as I avoid it for as long as possible.

INDIES: How Independent Publishers & Bookstores are Surviving & Thriving in Today’s Market

This was a panel put on as part of Bookbuilders of Boston‘s Spring Workshops. It was hosted at Emerson College. Well worth attending; the cheese plate was delicious.

Our panelists were: 

The affable Ned Lomigora, a sales rep at Zeeen, an online promotional platform for authors that especially works with Indies. He specializes in analytics and digital media. He’s also a presenter and contributor for WordPress Boston.

The illustrious Dale Szceblowski, the General Manager at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, one of the hubs of the literary scene in the Boston area. He’s been in the book-buying and book-selling business for 30 years. Vice President of the New England Booksellers Association.

And the perspicacious Judith Rosen, a Senior Bookselling Editor and the New England correspondent at Publishers Weekly for 15 years. Previously she has worked in marketing and publicity for trade publishers, Wordsworth Books, and wrote a regular column for the Boston Herald. Continue reading

Library of the Early Mind

I was ecstatic last month to learn that my new favorite documentary “Library of the Early Mind” was available to purchase on DVD. After ten days of impatient waiting it arrived, after a particularly bad day at work.

Today, I had my mother and brother sit down with me to watch, framing it as a film that would help them understand the industry and community I am trying to be a part of.

I first saw “Library of the Early Mind” screened at the NESCBWI conference in Fitchburg in 2011. The documentary’s framework is formed through a series of interviews of industry professionals and bestselling children’s authors. Each of them provided their thoughts on how children’s literature affects our psyche or an anecdote from their own careers. Continue reading

Gay Superheroes

DC’s Big Announcement

Just months after the first gay wedding in Archie Comics and with Marvel Comics’ Northstar wedding his boyfriend in mid June, DC Comics has announced they will be revealing an existing first tier character’s sexual orientation as gay.

I was excited to hear this news earlier in the week. Last winter, I was looking for more YA novels that had gay or lesbian protagonists and came across “Hero” by Perry Moore.

I was so enamored with the novel, I went to Moore’s website to learn more, and came across one of the main reasons he decided to write “Hero”.

“I was very surprised by the low number of gay characters in comic books. Every other barrier has been broken in comics: race, gender, class, physical challenges. But gay characters remain few and far between. Too few and far between to be killed off so regularly, without bringing attention to some rather ugly publishing trends,” Moore said in an author interview.

The link below is a list of gay, bisexual, and lesbian characters, or those perceived as such, in the DC and Marvel Universes and the ways they have been brutally killed off. Continue reading