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On the Creative Mind

I see inspiration as an energy bar like the one floating above your character’s head in a video game. The act of creation drains that bar, and your task is to fill it again by reading, looking at art, taking trips to new places, or even just creating a new experience locally.

Like many of us artistic-types, I struggle with boredom, depression; a dry well where flowing creativity should be.  Continue reading

Boston/New England Area Events

I always find a lot of great events around Boston, many of them book/writing-related. I always forget to invite people until the last minute, so have some Event Round-ups!

So here are some things on the calendar:

Bookbuilders Bowling Night

Where: Sacco’s Bowling Heaven in Davis Square

When: April 10th from 6-8pm

Cost: $6, and pre-register

Why?: Networking and bowling! Only $6. And bowling!

https://www.bbboston.org/  Continue reading

2013 is Going to be a Good Year

2012 was a mixed bag of some good and some devastating bad, but I believe the universe will do us a good turn and 2013 will be great. Here are some of my goals for the year of Lucky 13.


Go to the gym more. This is the traditional resolution for a reason. IT IS NECESSARY AFTER THE HOLIDAYS. Especially when you work in an office and there are cookies EVERYWHERE.

Learn how to use new technology. I got a space device touchscreen e-reader for Christmas. I asked for it so that I could read manuscripts without killing trees for my internship, but right now there are babies better at touch screens than me.

Save Money. Stick to my budget. Increase  my biweekly deposit into my savings. Every time I resist the siren song of take out, “spend” the money it would have cost by putting it into savings.

Take risks. Yeah, I like having at least a day a week that I do nothing and talk to no one. I’m still happiest reading by myself, but its time to be bold. Go for every opportunity life presents. Drink, Celebrate life, Be merry.  Continue reading

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Why You Should Become a Member, if You’re not Already

I have a few friends who are just beginning to write for children, and I am going to reiterate to them that joining this organization was the best thing I could have done, even just starting out in my career as a children’s writer. I’ve been a member for two years and if you are serious about writing for children, or even just interested, the membership is so worth it.

Reasons to Join

1. Regional Conferences: I would argue this is the number one reason. Although they are a definite expense for me in my current economic class, it’s worth every penny. It’s a full weekend of writing workshops whose faculty include authors and publishers alike. Going to one of the regional conferences per year can get you feedback on your writing from your peers, agents, editors, and published authors. You could also be having lunch next to an agent. (Seriously. I thought that was a line they fed you. That actually happened to me last month.)

2. Resources: Being a member of SCBWI gives you access to grants for children’s writers, published and unpublished. If you’re looking for fellow writers to pow-wow with, they also have a listserv of open critique groups.

3. Networking: Every year, I come back from the NESCBWI conference with contacts for a lot of friendly folk to commiserate and celebrate with online until next year. I’m friends with a lot of writers, but there’s nothing quite like the chance to network with other writers in your specific genre.

You know who you are. You should join up.